Rules of Procedures FAAV

1.a. Accept and respect terms exposed. You can download it at this LINK
1.b. May not be part of the staff of the FAAV, those pilots that belong to the Staff of other military forces(v) and/or Airlines(v), for ethical reasons and of objectivity. Also, if this was convened to form part of the staff of another airline(v) or Military Force(v), you must immediately notify such newness and terminate his position within the FAAV.
1.c. Whenever you perform online activity under any network of virtual flight (IVAO, VATSIM, etc.), shall be subject to the regulations established by these. Any breach of the same is a grave offense against the FAAV and shall be grounds for sanctions beyond those imposed by the same networks.

2.a. Maintain standards of behavior and respect for the rest of the pilots FAAV, of other airlines(v) and/or Air Traffic Controllers (v). In the event of an incident, it is strictly forbidden to take individual actions, and must report the fact to the FAAV authorities for the purposes of that solve the problem through diplomatic channels.
2.b. If possible, be a member of any Online Network of Flight (IVAO, VATSIM, etc.) for a more accurate control of your flight performance.
2.c. Respetar las decisiones y/u órdenes impartidas por su inmediato superior o Jefe de Brigada de destino.
2.d. Not disseminate or commercialise the material obtained through this site. While the models are freeware, textures and dynamics of the same are unique to the FAAV and rights correspond to their respective authors.
2.e. If you use payware models, the responsibilities of licenses, demands and/or legal actions that elicited the Pilots(v), are borne by the same, excluding the FAAV of the same. The FAAV provides complete models freeware only and payware models, only the textures.
2.f. When leaving the group, either for personal reasons or for any incident in which the Command i will take this decision, you must terminate the callsing that you used, and may not use it outside of the group, as it will be assigned to another member.
3.a. Meet with at least 5 (five) hours per month of flight, these may not be consecutive. (E.g. , it is valid to do 4-1, 2-3, 1-2-2, 1-1 -1-1, etc. ). The lack of activity, without any reason, will be used as "downtime" to which the leadership will be in contact for the purpose of note its continuity in the group.
3.b. The flights may be educational, peace missions, training maneuvers or in combat, etc. These flights may be scheduled by the Chief or personal, the latter being under the rules of conduct set out in point 2 (two).
3.c. To commit to any specific activity, and since it is impossible to put into practice, you must communicate the freshness of the Commander accompanied by the reasons for their absence.
3.d. Not be able to "impersonate identity", that is to say, you cannot fly with the callsing in another pilot or to fulfill a mission assigned to him.
3.e. In scheduled activities, you will not be able to use weapons systems over and above that its range is what allows.
3.f. Whenever you fly online with the callsing and FAA-xxx (on IVAO, VATSIM must be FAG-xxx) must do it within the Military SAR. Outside of these sectors must follow the rules set out by the flight system online that you are using and in keeping with the regulations imposed civil (flight plan, levels, speeds, etc.).
3.g. Do not penetrate with military aircraft in foreign territory unless this with any specific mission, with the knowledge and approval of the Command FAAV, which, through the appropriate channels, there will be notified in advance to the authorities involved, of the activity.
3.h. Is prohibited from participating in international events with the callsing FAA-xxx (on IVAO, VATSIM must be FAG-xxx), without the prior permission of the Command. Once authorized, the Pilot FAAV anger on behalf of the group, with the responsibility that this implies, in accordance with the rules of behavior expressed in this Regulation and the governing or adopt in the event.
3.i. It is STRICTLY FORBBIDEN to intercept/escort civil aircraft, national and/or international, with the callsing FAA-xxx (on IVAO, VATSIM must be FAG-xxx), unless it is an activity previously scheduled by the Chieftaincy.
3.j. Before you begin any flight, you must successfully complete a Flight Plan; namely: aircraft, crew, departure and destination, Flight Level, Speed, departure time, arrival time and Remarks.
4.a. You can request instruction on specific topics, namely, software configuration, preventive measures, maneuvers, procedures, navigation VOR/ILS, etc; for which he shall be assigned an instructor, who will coordinate with the relevant activities.
4.b. Have ALL the material FAAV, within what will allow its range in the group.
4.g. Propose and carry out activities, individual or joint.
4.h. All Pilot FAAV can leave the group when you're ready, notifying the Command its decision, exposing or not their reasons, to proceed to the corresponding LEAVE.
4.i. That ex-pilot FAAV may request reinstatement, provided that its low has not been for reasons of conduct or misuse of the material

* Any breach of any of the points of this Regulation shall be grounds for expulsion from the group.

* General Command FAAV :: August 2022.

* NOTE: These regulations are subject to change without notice.