The Argentine Virtual Air Force (FAAV) comes back in the early 2005 as an alternative to "solo flight"; which commonly perform pilots(v) in the airlines(v) for which flying; that is, a pilot(v) plans his flight airliner with either charge or pax, from one point to another.
In the case of FAAV, in addition to regular flights, Flights can be programmed together, Which Were to Involve: training practices, refueling, humanitarian aid, etc; and require the participation of two (2) or more members, making the flight, for some, more fun.
While FAAV is a site of common interest for flight simulation, gained the friendship between its members goes beyond the simulation, thus sharing the most varied knowledge.
In 2006 we proceeded to the collection of study materials and their processing. That is, scenery development, dynamics, textures, etc; trying to get as close as possible to reality.
Already in 2007 we entered the aircraft design in order to complete the missing fleet. This consists entirely of freeware aircraft, offering in some cases, some textures for payware models.
He also proceeded to give a new esthetic to the website for the purpose of better organization, presentation and reading of the contents.
It is worth emphasizing that this was done with the invaluable and selfless efforts of those who formed and currently form the FAAV.
During 2015, and passing the 10th Anniversary, the website was given a new look, for a better visualization, in response to the new existing technologies.
In 2020 and with the launch of MSFS2020, an exhaustive study of the platform's SDK will be carried out to develop and incorporate scenarios into it, preparation and adaptation of textures of the new models of that system, study of the dynamics of the models, and integration with the other flight platforms for joint flight.


* Promote enthusiasm for the simulated flight and encourage their practice.
* To promote ties of friendship and solidarity among its members.
* Provide a place of entertainment and distending the daily work.
* To represent our country with excellence in international events online.
* Achieving a high degree of perfection in the joint flight.
* Optimize the use of air assets by the designations to Air Bases(v) meeting the preferences of the pilots(v)


* Julián Yenerich y Fede Perez for giving me an awesome hand with the project continuity.
* Pablo Savino for his selfless and endless collaboration in the programming.
* Carlos Maida for their generosity towards my orders scenery's.
* "Quique" Gigena for their incredibles fly dynamics.
* Kazunori Ito for his invaluable collaboration in the development models
* To my dearest friend Damián Radice (†), for their infinite patience teaching me to repaint models.
* Walter, Gabriel, Pato, Mariano, Agus, Lisandro and all FAAV crew, that encourage friendship and passion to keep going...
* Claudio Tripe y Luis E. Barrionuevo (SIMARG).
* All VATSIM Staff for your support.
* All IVAO Argentina Staff for your support.

...to all, TKANK YOU VERY MUCH !

“FAAV... a group that creates and strengthens bonds of friendship, united by simulating aeronautical activities of our beloved Argentine Air Force.”